The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has launched an “Ask One Question” initiative to help primary care professionals talk to their patients about sleep. 

During audience research that supported the creation of the campaign, the AASM learned that many primary care professionals are hesitant to initiate conversations about sleep with their patients and want resources to help them address their patients’ sleep concerns. This insight inspired AASM’s new “Ask One Question” initiative, which encourages primary care professionals to start the conversation by asking one simple question during visits: “How is your sleep?”

“Primary care professionals are on the frontlines of our efforts to enhance sleep health to improve lives,” says AASM president James Rowley, MD, in a release. “We want to equip primary care professionals with the resources they need to feel confident in discussing sleep-related concerns so that they can provide recommendations to improve sleep habits and refer patients to an accredited sleep center when specialized expertise is needed.”

Despite the proven health benefits of regular, quality sleep, many Americans are not getting enough of it. In fact, nearly 28% of adults report getting less than the recommended seven or more hours of sleep per day, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

There are many factors that can impact sleep quality and quantity, such as working early in the morning or later at night, caring for a new baby, or experiencing a sleep disorder such as obstructive sleep apnea or chronic insomnia.

The “Ask One Question” initiative offers resources in English and Spanish to help primary care professionals feel more equipped to talk about sleep with their patients. Resources include a questionnaire with three questions to assess patients’ sleep, content to share on social media, and a downloadable poster for waiting and exam rooms. 

The AASM is also exhibiting at the American Academy of Family Physicians’ Family Medicine Experience conference from Oct 26- 29 in Chicago with the goal of sharing information about sleep health and “Ask One Question” resources.  

The effort is part of the AASM’s national public education campaign, “Sleep Is Good Medicine,” which aims to increase awareness of the value and health benefits of healthy sleep.

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