CareCentrix Inc has expanded its services into the fast-growing area of sleep benefits management with the acquisition of Sleep Management Solutions, LLC (SMS).

"We are excited to join CareCentrix. Our companies share a common vision to bring high-quality services into the home setting where the individual is most comfortable and costs are lower," said Tom Gaffney, COO of SMS, who has been appointed senior vice president of sleep management services at CareCentrix.

CareCentrix is a provider of home health benefits management services to the managed care industry. It coordinates care for patients in the home including skilled nursing services, durable medical equipment, and home infusion therapies.

SMS provides health plans with a comprehensive program focused on improving patient outcomes and reducing the cost of sleep services. The company provides home sleep testing technology to qualifying patients. SMS also follows up with people who are approved for sleep therapy devices to ensure they are using the equipment properly and following their prescribed treatment.

"The combination of SMS’s end-to-end sleep management system with CareCentrix’s expertise in home benefits management and cost containment will bring additional savings and benefits to our existing and new customers," said Gaffney.