A recent clinical study reveals that Serezin, a synergistic blend of proprietary Boswellia serrata and ginger extracts, administered to adults aged 50-70 with sleep disturbances due to aches and pains, significantly improves restorative sleep, reduces discomfort, and enhances mood.

Participants in the four-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled study received either a 300 mg dose of Serezin a day or a placebo. Measurements were conducted at one, two, and four weeks. Key findings Include:

  • Improved restorative sleep within one week: Subjects taking Serezin woke up feeling more rested and restored within the first week. By four weeks, subjects taking Serezin experienced a 64% greater improvement in restorative sleep than those taking placebo.
  • Reduce everyday aches and pains within one week: Significant improvements in pain scores started on day seven for the Serezin group. By day 28, subjects taking Serezin experienced a 2.6x greater reduction in nighttime discomfort and a 75% greater reduction in daytime discomfort compared to the placebo.
  • Easier to fall asleep and better sleep quality within two weeks: With statistically significant improvements by day 14, subjects taking Serezin experienced improvements in getting to sleep that were 85% greater than those taking a placebo and 93% greater improvements in sleep quality than those taking a placebo as assessed by the Leeds Sleep Evaluation Questionnaire.
  • Improvements in wake-up experience within two weeks: Subjects taking Serezin reported having a significantly easier time waking up in the morning and feeling more alert with better motor control upon waking, as assessed by the Leeds Sleep Evaluation Questionnaire.
  • Serezin improved mood within two weeks: Mood states were evaluated using a validated questionnaire covering six domains: tension, depression, anger, vigor, fatigue, and confusion. Serezin subjects reported improved overall mood starting at day 14. For the study, subjects reported a 2.2x improvement in overall mood.

According to Jennifer Murphy, director of innovation and clinical development for PLT Health Solutions Inc, the company behind Serezin, the ability to experience restorative sleep is critical to people’s health and happiness. 

“While many of us look to tracking devices to understand our sleep, these data often do not align with our experience. Waking up feeling rested, restored, and refreshed is the defining characteristic of a great night’s sleep,” she says in a release. “By providing relief for nighttime aches and pain, Serezin unlocks the benefits of restorative sleep to help folks have better days, every day.” 

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