By Lindsey Nolen

Dental technology startup Dandy has launched digital solutions for dental sleep practices, including workflow, software, and a lab.

Dentists who partner with Dandy take digital impressions of a patient’s mouth using an intraoral scanner—supplied for free by Dandy—and order a custom 3D-printed Dandy oral appliance. Herbst and Dorsal style mandibular advancement devices are available.

By leveraging technologies like 3-D printing, Dandy’s digital platforms streamline workflows and connectivity to production partners, according to the company. The digital workflows also eliminate the need for repeat office visits—if a replacement appliance is needed Dandy can print from the original digital file.

The in-person aspects handled by the local sleep physician and dentist include the patient diagnosis, taking of the intraoral scanned impressions, and fitting the patient with the fiinished appliance.

Dandy’s lab accepts the digital impression and manufactures the appliance.