A sleep medicine expert explains what it is and the potential benefits.

If you fight over the covers at night with your partner, the viral Scandinavian sleep method may be for you.

It refers to when a couple shares a bed, but each person sleeps with their own blanket.

“The benefit of something like the Scandinavian sleep method is that both partners get the sleep they need and deserve. One partner isn’t sleeping well at the expense of another,” says Alicia Roth, PhD, sleep psychologist for Cleveland Clinic, in a release.

Although the Scandinavian sleep method is not the answer to every couple’s sleep problems, Roth says it could be helpful in some cases. For example, sleeping with separate blankets may be a good idea if one partner is a restless sleeper who’s always tossing and turning at night.

The Scandinavian sleep method could also work for couples with different temperature preferences; each person can choose how heavy their blanket is.

At the end of the day, Roth says talking to your significant other about your sleep habits is key.

She stressed that getting a good night’s sleep is important for any relationship.

“No one should sacrifice their sleep for their partner’s sleep, and I think that’s really important for relationships to remain healthy,” says Roth in a release. “If one or both partners are sleep deprived, not only are they going to feel miserable, but there might be some resentment in the relationship as well if that’s the case.”

Roth adds there’s also no shame in partners sleeping in different beds if there are other factors like snoring at play. Getting enough sleep is not only crucial for fostering a healthy relationship but for our overall health as well.

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