A new study by energy and focus brand Pro Plus has unveiled an “exhaustion crisis” among UK adults, with many functioning at just over half (53%) of their potential energy levels.

This widespread fatigue is impacting the overall well-being of a third of adults (31%), plus 37% have taken time off work due to feeling tired despite not being ill.

The Pro Plus research highlights sleep deprivation (35%), stress (31%), and overthinking (25%) as the primary energy drains, leading to a national trend of burnout. The majority (80%) of participants reported symptoms that were negatively affecting their well-being and daily lives, including low motivation (34%), headaches (26%), and poor concentration (25%).

Young adults, particularly those aged 18-24 years, are at the forefront of this “exhaustion crisis,” according to the research, operating at 43% of their energy potential. Unhealthy eating habits among this age group were reported as a key contributing factor that drained energy.

Many adults reported relying on quick fixes for an energy surge; 40% admit to turning to sugary fizzy drinks for an immediate boost.

Rob Hobson, RNutr, SENR, a registered nutritionist and author of Unprocess Your Life, says in a release, “This widespread energy deficit isn’t just about feeling tired; it’s a deeper issue that significantly impacts overall well-being. UK adults are reporting various symptoms because of reduced energy, such as low motivation (34%) and poor focus and concentration (25%). These symptoms are having a significant impact on quality of life, with a third of adults (31%) reporting a decline in their overall well-being, and one in five (22%) saying that their home life has been affected.”

Hobson is calling for a more holistic approach to managing energy, saying in a release, “It’s about integrating sustained and healthy energy sources into our daily routines. Controlled caffeine intake, through a high-quality supplement, can offer a more balanced energy boost compared to the fleeting lift provided by sugary drinks. Embracing a lifestyle that incorporates balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and adequate sleep is crucial. These steps not only enhance our immediate energy levels but also contribute to our long-term health and productivity.”

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