In this exploration of sleep science, Pat and Suzanne Byrne offer a roadmap to success for athletes and teams—but their insights are applicable to everyone.

This father-daughter duo, who has more than 10 years of experience implementing sleep and fatigue solutions into professional sports programs, discuss the latest sleep research and how it affects performance. They provide scientific answers to questions such as: Why do our brains trick us into believing we have slept enough even if we haven’t? Why is it so difficult to overcome jet lag?


  • Sleep Science: The Good, the Bad, the Fraud—The authors demonstrate how sleep can improve athletic performance, dispel myths that can detract from a good night’s sleep, and expose misinformation and misleading products that can prevent athletes from obtaining the sleep they need.
  • Practical Solutions—Professional athletes know how important sleep is, but good sleep is often elusive. The authors make an argument for athletes to approach sleep the same way they approach strength and conditioning: learn the basics, create an individualized program, avoid simplistic solutions, work hard, and commit to success.
  • Not Just Data—With a compelling mix of anecdotes and data, this book includes stories from the lives of scientists and athletes to further illuminate the fascinating evolution of sleep science.

Pat Byrne pioneered sleep and fatigue programs for professional athletes and sports teams in 2008. Suzanne Byrne has been implementing effective fatigue management programs with professional and high performance athletes and teams for over a decade. She is a former NCAA volleyball player and award-winning athlete who coaches volleyball in her spare time. Suzanne studied law at Tulane University Law School and graduated with a sports law certificate.