Most sleep-deprived parents will share that anything that might help their baby sleep more soundly is a tempting option. Baby swings are appealing for this reason, but are they safe?

“Swings offer hands-free ways to comfort and soothe infants using vestibular stimulation, rocking, swaying, vibration, extra padding or cradling,” Dr. Jane Sneed, a pediatrician at The Children’s Clinic of St. Bernards Healthcare in Jonesboro, Arkansas, explained to TODAY Parents. “A swing can also be moved easily throughout the home, keeping an infant nearby.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends against using infant swings for sleep.

“Babies should sleep on their backs on firm, flat surfaces,” Sneed said. “The absence of a firm, flat surface places a baby at a higher risk for sudden infant death syndrome.”

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