We’ve heard of alarm clocks that claim to wake users at the the lightest part of their sleep cycle, but this is the first we’ve heard of an alarm that wakes the sleeper up based on her impending commute.

A new alarm clock, dubbed “wUp” has the user program the time she wants to arrive at her destination, enter the address, and then alarm determines by itself the best time to wake you up, the manufacturer says.

If the traffic is too heavy, wUp wakes you up early so you are not late, if traffic is free it lets you sleep a little longer.

For convenience, the application also offers the “start” button in the “route” tab. When the alarm warning that it’s time to leave, click the “start” button and wUp automatically directs you to the best GPS applications, so you do not waste your time typing the site address again.

It is available for Free on App Store and Google Play.