WebMD Health Corp announced new features and functionality for its Healthy Target behavior change program, which connects seamlessly with Apple’s HealthKit and provides users with powerful new ways to capture, visualize, and understand health information from a broad range of biometric devices.

WebMD’s Healthy Target, included within WebMD’s flagship mobile app for iPhone, now features a redesigned Weekly Review to make it easier for users to visualize their progress against pre-defined goals, the ability to monitor blood pressure, and video tutorials to help users get the most out of the program.

“WebMD is focused on making the steps, weight, sleep, blood glucose, and blood pressure data being collected by popular devices, including iHealth as well as apps like Apple Health, easier to understand and more actionable so that it motivates individuals to achieve a healthier lifestyle,” says David Ziegler, director of product management for WebMD.

Users can manually input their biometric data into Healthy Target or connect their devices, which automatically sync with the 2net Platform from Qualcomm Life Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Inc.

Since its launching in June 2014, users who have linked their devices or manually entered their biometric data into Healthy Target have experienced an average weight loss of nearly 2.5 pounds, increased sleep time by almost 45 minutes per night, and have taken approximately 7,200+ steps per day, WebMD says.

Healthy Target addresses both those with chronic medical conditions as well as those looking to incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives. WebMD’s Healthy Target enables users to make sense of the data and understand how to achieve their health and wellness goals by providing contextually relevant content and actionable insights.

“WebMD sees a real opportunity for connected biometric devices to help improve overall health and patient outcomes by helping consumers make sense of the data they already have, and empowering them to share that data with their healthcare professional,” Ziegler says.