According to a new study released today at SLEEP 2014 by Philips Respironics, patients using the SleepMapper mobile app and
web-based solution achieved a 22% higher PAP therapy adherence rate than non-users. The results of the study further the evidence that patient engagement in care can lead to behavioral change and ultimately, better results and healthier populations.

“Healthcare is changing and if you’re in the business of making people healthier, you’re in the business of behavior change,”
says Dr Mark Aloia, senior director of global clinical research for Philips Healthcare. “Study results of SleepMapper
demonstrate that technology can shape how patients respond to PAP therapy by improving engagement and motivation and ultimately leading them to a better course of treatment for their chronic condition.”

To test the effectiveness of SleepMapper, researchers randomly analyzed over 15,000 patients from the Philips Respironics
EncoreAnywhere database and compared adherence and usage rates between those who were provided with SleepMapper upon initial PAP setup and those who were not. Patients who were provided with SleepMapper achieved a 78% adherence rate based upon the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) guidelines, compared to the average 56% compliance rate among patients who were not provided with SleepMapper.

In addition, patients who were provided with SleepMapper slept an average of 1.4 hours longer on PAP than patients who were not
provided with SleepMapper. As for new PAP patients struggling to manage and accept their therapy, 33% of those who engaged with SleepMapper were able to meet adherence guidelines within 90 days, compared to just 11% who were not provided with the tool.

Designed by a team of sleep and psychological experts from Philips Respironics with the goal of improving therapy adherence by
changing patient behavior, SleepMapper is an interactive mobile and web-based application that enables patients to take a more
active role in their PAP therapy and better utilize their PAP device for more effective treatment. SleepMapper engages patients
by providing them with feedback on their individual adherence and therapy information, while also using empirically-tested
behavior change therapies to motivate patients and keep them interested.

The approach is based on years of research on how to create sustained behavior change and takes a very personal approach to
helping patients by providing the right information to the right patients at the right time. It serves as an extension of the
care team, offering tools and techniques for helping patients to adhere to and cope with PAP therapy. SleepMapper works with
Philips Respironics’ EncoreAnywhere patient management system and most of its System One devices to offer a complete therapy and compliance package.

To learn more about the results of this survey or the SleepMapper tool, visit the Philips booth (#600) at SLEEP 2014 or view the
complete research findings at