The insurability of sleep apnea has improved drastically in the last decade, according to online life insurance comparison service

“Sleep apnea is still a serious condition without question, but now that CPAP devices and sleep studies are provided on the majority of sleep apnea prone people, the risks have decreased measurably,” says Eric Smith, the founder and licensed independent life insurance agent of, in a release.

How Much More Life Insurance Costs on Average (according to

  • Mild sleep apnea sufferers will generally pay no more for their life insurance
  • Moderate cases of sleep apnea in individuals will preclude them from the best life insurance rates but not average rates in most cases
  • Severe sleep apnea sufferers are generally still insurable so long as they are compliant with a CPAP machine and at least one completed sleep study. Their life insurance rates, however, will generally be 50%-200% higher.