FusionHealth, a sleep health management solution provider that focuses on improving employee health and wellness, has entered into a strategic partnership with the Transportation Safety Exchange (TSX) to help address occupational risks associated with sleep disorders. This new partnership will strengthen TSX’s mission to reduce highway accidents and save lives, while simultaneously reducing costs related to motor carrier accidents, the companies say in a press release.

In association with TSX’s safety monitoring and rating systems for carriers and drivers, FusionHealth provides a new solution for companies to manage the root cause of sleep and fatigue related risks in ground transportation. By integrating sleep health management technology into wellness, safety, and healthcare programs, the benefits of healthy sleep for drivers and companies will change the transportation industry. “Utilizing the latest advances in healthcare technology, we can now assess large populations for sleep health risks that impair mental and physical performance, and bring scalable, personalized solutions to individuals in need across the US,” says FusionHealth chief medical officer, Dr Jeffrey Durmer, in a release. “The era of tele-health and home-based medical management is just starting, but for mobile and/or remote populations, it is not just an effective alternative, it is an essential strategy for identifying, treating, and managing medical problems that require daily routines and adherence to therapies.”