In the sprit of the holidays, the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA) this week provided free CPAP equipment packages to 40 sleep apnea patients as part of its CPAP Assistance Program (CAP).

“Over the past few years, the ASAA has provided this life-saving equipment to over 3,000 sleep apnea patients. We always want to do more, but we did what we could afford to see that these patients do not go without therapy because of their inability to pay,” says Darrel Drobnich, president of the American Sleep Apnea Association, in a release. “All that we ask in return is that these patients and others ‘pay it forward’ and try to help someone else get treated for their sleep apnea or other chronic health issue as soon as possible.”

For the past seven years, the ASAA has provided new and used CPAPs to sleep apnea patients through its CPAP Assistance Program. For a $100 program fee patients get a new, factory-sealed CPAP, tubing, filter, mask, and carrying case at significant reduced cost. The program fee covers shipping, staff, and promotion of the program.