A patient with restless legs syndrome writes into The Seattle Times’ Wellness section to ask about how the COVID-19 Moderna vaccine could impact her symptoms.

Q: I have restless leg syndrome, which makes it hard for me to sit through something like a concert or a movie, and often makes sleeping difficult. However, since getting the Moderna COVID-19 vaccination, I have not had any sign of restless legs. Has anyone else reported this? I have no other explanation.

A: Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a somewhat mysterious neurological condition that manifests as uncomfortable sensations in the legs. The most typical description we hear about is a “creepy-crawly” feeling. This often forces the individual to move his or her legs, which makes sitting or sleeping challenging.

As far as we can tell, no one else with RLS has reported relief after getting a COVID-19 vaccination. Such shots can affect the nervous system, though this is quite rare. That might explain the benefit you have reported.

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