Barcelona, Spain-based Peroxfarma’s Epaplus Sleepcare supplements with melatonin and tryptophan will soon be available in the United States.

“We created our Epaplus supplements, including Sleepcare, to give people an extra dose of health,” says Joan Xiol Foret, the CEO of Peroxfarma, in a release. “We know that people often just accept having daily health problems, such as insomnia. However, we know that insomnia can lead to very bad health problems, such as obesity and high blood pressure, which can then lead to diabetes and heart problems.”

Peroxfarma’s Sleepcare is part of the Epaplus product line that the company is bringing to the American consumer in 2019. Other Peroxfarma supplements include Epaplus Arthicare, Epaplus Sleepcare, Epaplus Vigorcare, Epaplus Immucare, Epaplus Digestcare, and Epaplus Vitalcare.

Peroxfarma offers two Sleepcare products that can help people fall asleep fast. All Peroxfarma supplements are sugar- and lactose-free with no dyes or preservatives.