Liquid I.V., which makes “Hydration Multiplier,” launched a sleep aid, Liquid I.V. Sleep, this week. The new product launch starts the company’s expansion from a hydration company to 360-degree wellness brand. Liquid I.V. notably uses cellular transport technology (CTT), the same science used in its original Hydration Multiplier product, in the new nighttime drink mix.

“What makes our original product, Hydration Multiplier, so effective at delivering water to the bloodstream is the use of CTT,” says Liquid I.V. founder and CEO Brandin Cohen, in an Instagram story on Monday. “We started testing CTT early on and realized this innovative science could get key functional ingredients into your bloodstream more efficiently than anything else out there.”

Liquid I.V. Sleep contains a specially-formulated proprietary Sleep Blend including melatonin, L-theanine, and valerian root. In the new product’s clinical study, the Sleep Blend showed up in the bloodstream after 15 minutes.