In Erie, Pa, AcousticSheep is developing software and phone apps that, when coupled with its latest generation of SleepPhones, will help people get a good night’s sleep without using other solutions or medication, according to a press release.

The startup recently received an investment from Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central & Northern PA, an early-stage seed investor. Dubbed “pajamas for your ears,” the SleepPhones were developed by a family doctor to provide an all-natural way to provide restful, audio-assisted relaxation without headphones or earbuds.

Other recent investments made by Ben Franklin Technology Partners include:

  • ApexDrop Influence Marketing, a social media influence marketing platform that connects emerging fashion brands with a vetted community of influential consumers who will wear/promote their apparel on social networks.
  • ArgentumCidalElectrics is developing a disposable, adhesive-backed cover with antimicrobial properties that can be affixed to high-touch surfaces such as hospital bed rails.
  • BioMagnetic Solutions as developed fifth generation Ferrofluids, which are used for faster and more highly cost-efficient clinical-scale cell isolation and separation processes in the research market.
  • Direct Allergy has developed a turnkey operation that empowers primary care physicians to diagnose, evaluate, test, and treat allergies without outsourcing to a specialist.
  • MedStatix developed a rapidly growing SaaS-based Patient Experience Platform designed to transform the patient and provider relationship through qualitative and quantitative analytics.
  • RenderFX has developed a mobile-first, cloud-based computer graphics video production platform that enables businesses and consumers to create high-quality, affordable videos through connecting with computer graphics artists.
  • TM Filtration was awarded an Innovation Adoption Grant to develop computational fluid dynamics calculations that will optimize a system for removing contaminates from a gas stream after leaving the wellhead.