Telegram: The patient advocacy organization Wake Up Narcolepsy is celebrating the milestone of $1 million donated to research.

The co-founder and executive director of Wake Up Narcolepsy, Monica Gow, said she hopes this helps eliminate the “hula hoops” that can arise in getting a diagnosis and advocating for patients with narcolepsy, mentioning such issues as sometimes skeptical doctors, insurance and patients who lack advocates for their care.

The organization’s other mission is funding research into narcolepsy, supporting work at institutions in Boston, Chicago, Toronto and California. 

“What I’d like to see (in the future) is it took 13 years to donate $1 million to research;  I’d like to see in five years that we have $3 million donated to accelerating research, and I’d like to see treatments that allow people to live complete lives,” she said. 

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