The MSleepTest, a new iPhone app, narrows the time gap to sleep apnea diagnosis, making treatment more accessible to patients. A recorded sound bite and a series of questions connect potential sleep apnea patients with a sleep professional for further testing. The app developers, Sleep Group Solutions, came up with the idea to increase awareness of sleep apnea, leading to more attainable treatment.

This direct-to-consumer technology allows the sufferer and/or bedtime partner a free means of screening. After recording snoring, a few questions from the Epworth and Berlin Sleepiness Scales are asked. From there, the patient hits a button and the data is uploaded to a sleep professional. Based on the results, the user will be given the option of being contacted by a sleep professional for a consultation and further testing.

“This is a great way to not only educate patients, but it narrows the gap between awareness and diagnosis,” says Dr Steven Lanham, a dentist in Columbia, SC, who screens all of his patients for sleep apnea. “We are beginning to see more patients with this terrible disorder. This app allows us to help patients we would have not necessarily met."