Advanced Sleep System
BRAEBON Medical, Ogdensburg, NY, introduces the Pursuit Advanced Sleep System™. Using the proven MediPalm® family of amplifiers, BRAEBON developed a complete diagnostic package of components that allows end users to build their own system. The basic kit comes with a complete array of sensors, multichannel amplifier, digital video, and a comprehensive software package that includes collection, analysis, and reporting. A complete system is also available. In addition, BRAEBON will offer Pursuit Outcomes™, a powerful database management package for tracking laboratory outcomes. Its features include the ability to store patient information and data files, query the results, schedule studies, do billing, track patient outcomes, see laboratory financial outcomes, and use a full array of reporting options. (888) 462-4841;

 Single-Patient Use Face Mask
Respironics Inc, Murrysville, Pa, introduces PerformaTrak™ Single-Patient-Use Full Face Mask featuring an adjustable forehead support that is designed to minimize mask force at the bridge of the nose while maintaining an effective seal and resolve challenges normally associated with mask interface during the application of noninvasive ventilation. The PerformaTrak also has a dual flap facemask cushion for optimal comfort and leak control and new head strap clips that incorporate a ball-and-socket design to provide an intuitive and secure method of connecting and disconnecting the straps. (800) 345-6443;

 Respiration Monitor
Rochester Electro-Medical Inc, Tampa, Fla, announces a new cannula-style respiration monitor for nasal/oral airflow. This new version features a much thinner, smaller unit that is strong and reliable while maintaining the flexibility needed to provide maximum patient comfort. It is now available in disposable models in both adult and child sizes. Pricing includes: reusables—$105; disposables—$50 for a package of 10. For a new 2005 catalog, call (800) 328-5544;

 CPAP Headgear
SleepNet Corp, Manchester, NH, introduces a new single-size headgear for its IQ nasal mask.

The Holey Strap! headgear provides a secure and comfortable foundation with a minimum of surface coverage. The narrow frame is constructed of breathable “CoolTex” material, with a moisture wicking interior surface. Parallel straps at the crown and below the ears adjust for length with a molded Velcro® tab that is easy to reposition without a loss of adherence. The crown strap adjusts through the frame at three positions for circumference and angle versatility, adapting to a range of head shapes and sizes.

The Holey Strap! is also available assembled with the IQ nasal mask. (603) 624-1911 x275;

 Snoring Sensor
Nexense, New York, an advanced sensor technology company, has developed the SleepCare Nexaver™, a nonintrusive sensing device to improve sleep quality by reducing, and potentially preventing, snoring. The SleepCare Nexaver utilizes a thin, pliable sensor pad that easily slips under any mattress and a small feedback vibration box, which vibrates lightly when snoring is detected without intruding on the user’s sleep comfort. Over the course of a night’s sleep, the SleepCare Nexaver trains the snorer to shift into a position that allows free airflow, thereby reducing snoring. (201) 518-5636;

 Full Face CPAP Mask
Hans Rudolph (maker of respiratory interfaces since 1938), Kansas City, Mo, introduces the popular, steam autoclavable and dishwasher-safe Oro-Nasal 7600 Vmask for CPAP therapy, which fits under the patient’s chin and conforms to the patient’s face curves. Leak-free and comfortable, this soft, silicone rubber, single-piece mask does not cause skin breakdown because there is no rigid frame pressing against the face. Available in five standard sizes, it also has five more half sizes when using the new Sensa Seal optional button-on accessory. A new Simple Strap Foam Headgear with Easy-Release™ Clips will be available soon. Former NFL running back Owen Gill suffers from sleep apnea and prefers the Hans Rudolph Masks over all the other masks on the market as he has tried them all and has been wearing the Rudolph silicone rubber masks for more than 4 years. (800) 456-6695;