With 80% of people with sleep apnea remaining undiagnosed, sometimes it takes a “spokespillow” to wake up a sufferer to his or her sleep disorder.

Launching first in Texas, a cute new ad campaign and website from Royal Philips raises awareness of sleep apnea via the colorful commentary of talking pillows. (“It sounds like a wildebeest trying to cough up a hair ball!” comments one sleep-deprived pillow when trying to describe the other’s snoring.)

“Representing the diverse audience of sleep apnea sufferers and their bedmates, the Save the Pillows campaign aims to broaden awareness about this disorder, as well as the importance of sleep health and overall wellness,” says Teofilo Lee Chiong, MD, Chief Medical Liaison, Philips Home Healthcare Solutions, in a release. “With this campaign, we are encouraging everyone to be better informed about this serious health condition, take action to assess their risk, and get treatment when needed.”

The campaign’s website,, provides a “are you at risk?” quiz, plus other helpful tools, videos, fast facts about sleep apnea, and links to experts and organizations that can offer more information on the disorder. You can also visit to watch the first adorable 40-second ad.