Philips Respironics has launched a new resource for sleep apnea patients, With Philips’ deep understanding of the challenges and emotions faced along the sleep apnea journey, this site is a comprehensive online resource designed to provide sleep apnea patients with the information they need to efficiently navigate every step in their personal sleep apnea journey—from diagnosis through treatment and ongoing management of the condition.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is one of the most common sleep disorders, currently estimated to affect 15% of adults in the United States and 100 million people worldwide, and the ongoing management of sleep apnea patients can be a costly endeavor for home care providers. While PAP therapy is considered the gold standard for addressing OSA, therapy is only effective if patients use their device as prescribed. But patients often struggle to adapt to the equipment, requiring constant follow-up by home care providers—and added expense.

With detailed information on how to navigate through every step of a patient’s personal journey, is a powerful new tool for home care providers in the ongoing management of their sleep apnea patients. It can also be an extension of the educational services that home care providers, sleep physicians, and sleep labs provide. The resource is intended to help these organizations better educate patients on sleep apnea, its risks, and their therapy by providing key resources including:

  • A symptoms quiz to determine a person’s risk for having sleep apnea;
  • Sleep physician and sleep lab zip code locator directory;
  • Information on potential therapy, equipment, and other solutions patients may expect to see in the treatment of sleep apnea;
  • Detailed guidance and tips for living with sleep apnea;
  • A toll-free number to call with nonclinical questions; and
  • Powerful personal stories from others living with the condition.

The site also introduces patients to SleepMapper, an interactive mobile and web-based application that enables patients to take a more active role in their PAP therapy. The SleepMapper app serves as an extension of the care team, offering tools and techniques for helping patients adhere to and cope with their therapy.