At Sleep 2017 taking place in Boston from June 3-7, Royal Philips is showcasing its expanding portfolio of sleep solutions, designed to offer more effective and efficient care from the time of diagnosis through treatment and adherence to therapy.

“These emerging solutions for people with sleep disorders provide hope for those who want to live healthier and more meaningful lives,” says Teofilo Lee-Chiong, MD, chief medical liaison at Philips, in a release. “At Philips, we understand that encouraging healthy life choices is as important as treating unhealthy disorders. We are committed to creating technology and services that facilitate delivery of care, enhance patient experience, improve disease outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.”

In addition to the solutions showcased at the conference, David Plummer, former Olympic gold medalist swimmer who suffers from sleep apnea, will speak at a Philips-hosted dinner during Sleep 2017, discussing his personal journey with sleep apnea and how receiving an accurate diagnosis and finding the right therapy helped him to use therapy as prescribed and ultimately helping him to improve his performance in the water and, more importantly, as a father.

“Traveling was a big part of my life when I was training and competing for the 2015 World Cup Circuit, and continues to be play a large role as I still travel frequently with my family,” says Plummer. “I recently started using Philips DreamStation Go, which has really made traveling easy for me thanks to how small and easy-to-pack it is. It’s the exact same therapy as the DreamStation that changed my life, so I’m not missing out on that therapy when I’m on the road or in the air.”

Show attendees will have the opportunity to view the latest innovations from Philips in sleep and respiratory care that aim to:

  • Streamline the continuum of care from diagnosis onward: Launched in May, Philips Portable Device Manager allows sleep labs to track all of their portable devices within Sleepware G3 and track progress through the home sleep test cycle. Coming in August and shown for the first time at Sleep, Sleepware G3 Bedside Assistant will integrate with Alice in-lab beds, displaying raw signals, video and lab titration settings, enabling mobile bedside management for lab techs.
  • Provide patients with more options: DreamStation Go is designed to simplify travel for patients living with obstructive sleep apnea. At half the size of Philips’ previous generation devices, DreamStation Go delivers the same clinically-proven performance and comfort as for reliable, convenient therapy on-the-go. Philips will also introduce a new addition to its award-winning line of DreamWear sleep therapy masks. DreamWear Gel Pillows features the same comfort and freedom of movement as the original, but now offers an additional choice in cushion type that can be easily changed out within the same open faced mask frame.
  • Help improve patient engagement and adherence: Now offering automated long-term compliance monitoring, Care Orchestrator is Philips next generation connected health application that connects homecare providers, physicians, and payors with patients across the entire health continuum, enabling remote monitoring and management. Patient Adherence Management Service (PAMS) is Philips telehealth service that uses sleep coaches to personally support patients new to PAP therapy. DreamMapper, a mobile and web-based application shown to improve adherence to PAP therapy by helping hundreds of thousands of patients engage directly with their therapy will also be showcased.

Philips aims to become a total sleep company by 2020, complementing its core sleep apnea solutions with expanded range of solutions and services to make a better night’s sleep accessible to anyone.

To see the diversified portfolio of sleep products and presentations from Philips’ experts, visit the Philips Product Pavilion at Booth #1408 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.