NovaSom Inc launched its next generation MediTrack cloud-based CRM application, designed to enable custom processing of payor-specific medical policy, billing, utilization management, and therapy coordination requirements to manage home sleep testing, OSA diagnosis, and recommended therapy.

NovaSom’s proprietary MediTrack system allows physicians to order a NovaSom home sleep test online or by fax. The platform provides customizable information fields for easier physician entry of payor-required data, leverages payor communication preferences, and incorporates payor-specific messaging into patient shipping and handling and device return logistics. The system also manages upload of patient sleep data for interpretation by a board-certified physician, and then publishes the OSA study results for secure online and fax delivery to the ordering physician. Upon positive diagnosis, the MediTrack technology integrates assignment of payor-preferred therapy providers.

“This significant technology investment allows NovaSom to provide a custom physician order workflow system that incorporates payor-specific medical policy, utilization management, and therapy coordination,” said Richard Hassett, MD, CEO, NovaSom Inc. “This end-to-end integration greatly reduces the administrative burden for physicians, payors, and patients. The alignment with payor-designated therapy partners assures continuity between diagnosis and initiation of treatment.”