photoSleep Recorder
Compumedics USA, North Oaks, Minn, introduces the newest member of the P-Series family of sleep recorders—the P-Series Plus. This portable 26-channel digital recording system can be used for attended or unattended studies. All raw data are recorded on an internal flash card that may be downloaded into a standard PC for scoring. Ideal for laboratory use, the P-Series Plus monitors the recording on a linked high-resolution computer system. Additional features include up to 10 referential EEG channels, comprehensive digital filter options, integrated nasal pressure transducer, built-in oximeter, and sampling rates of up to 256 Hz. (877) 717-3975;

photoDigital Video
Cadwell Laboratories, Kennewick, Wash, offers its synchronous digital video system that helps sleep professionals more accurately correlate physical and polysomnographic events during a sleep study. Up to 72 hours of time-locked digital video with audio can be recorded and synchronized to the 32-channel digital PSG/EEG record at 30 frames per second. The system includes simplified playback and editing tools used to extract significant PSG/EEG and video clips. Setup of the system is easy and integrates seamlessly with the Easy II Sleep acquisition, analysis, and review software; data is stored with a CD-R system. Easy II Sleep is a full-featured digital PSG with EEG system that operates using a standard high-performance computer. (800) 245-3001;

photoCPAP Systems
Mallinckrodt Inc, St Louis, introduces its GoodKnight 418A and GoodKnight 418P CPAP systems for the treatment of sleep apnea. Both are automatically adjustable positive airway pressure (autoPAP) systems designed to treat obstructive sleep apnea patients whose breathing is interrupted during sleep. The GoodKnight 418A is designed to increase compliance and enhance patient follow-up. The GoodKnight 418P has an innovative autoPAP function, which thoroughly analyzes and treats sleep-disturbed breathing. The GoodKnight 418 series connects to a nasal interface that patients wear during sleep. Air pressure generated by the systems prevents air passages from being obstructed. (800) 635-5267;

photoNasal Mask
Sunrise Medical, Longmont, Colo, introduces the new DeVilbiss Serenity Nasal CPAP Mask™, which provides maximum comfort for sleep apnea patients. The Serenity mask features a forehead rest that easily adjusts front to back and up and down, covering a large range of patients with one size. Easy and consistent fitting means fewer trips to patients’ homes by the provider, resulting in lower costs and higher patient compliance with their therapy. The snap-together forehead rest components are durable and easy to change, further increasing patient compliance, which is frequently an issue in CPAP therapy. The mask has an adjustable exhaust port that enables users to direct escaping air away from their chests and their bed partners, and all parts are latex-free to eliminate sensitivity issues. Additional features include easy but rigid adjustment mechanisms, a solid thermoplastic mask frame that holds up under repeated cleanings, and comfortable headgear that is included with each mask. (888) 333-2572;

photoSleep Testing Software
SensorMedics, Yorba Linda, Calif, recently released the Alpha Version Series 4 sleep testing software. Its Multifunctional User Interfaces allow acquisition and scoring without changing screens. The Lab Manager feature allows automatic patient scheduling and patient demographic information input from any computer in the Alpha network. The preset screen layouts set boundaries in the Compass, Tabular, Edit, and Acquisition panes. Screen Configuration buttons quickly and easily assist transition from the diagnostic treatment of the split-night study. The new interface unifies all technical annotations with a Virtual Clipboard, which provides a common place for all notations to be posted. Alpha’s Preference Sets, Display, Preferences, and Storage Montages provide customization of Alpha to laboratory requirements. (800) 231-2466;

photoData Recording Tool
Respironics, Pittsburgh, offers the BiPAP® Duet® LX with Encore® SmartCard™, which allows health care providers to monitor compliance, measure quality-of-life improvements, and manage outcomes for patients using bi-level therapy to treat OSA. Encore SmartCard records usage data, stores answers to the FOSQ—a quality-of-life questionnaire—and changes the patient’s therapy prescription. It can be mailed back to the home care provider for analysis and follow-up. For patients having trouble adapting to CPAP therapy, the full-featured BiPAP Duet LX delivers two different positive pressure levels (IPAP/EPAP). The dual levels provide a more natural delivery of air pressure, which may result in improved patient comfort. Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity™ ensures a breath-by-breath response to the patient’s breathing patterns and circuit leaks, providing optimum support with every breath. (800) 345-6443;