After attending a business accelerator, the startup has finished development of an oral appliance gauge.

Kosmo Technologies, one of 10 businesses selected to participate in the Healthbox Salt Lake City accelerator, has completed product development of an oral appliance gauge. Each startup selected for the Healthbox Salt Lake City accelerator was given an initial seed investment of $50,000 from Healthbox and participated in a 3-month business accelerator. The companies also had access to the Healthbox partners and global expert network.

A Bright Idea

Kosmo Technologies is developing an airway feedback device that can identify in real-time if an oral appliance will work for a patient, and the optimal jaw position, to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The Salt Lake City-based company strives to bring a higher level of research and product development to doctors in the field of dentistry and orthodontics. It was founded by Michael Gleeson and Bill Hanewinkel.

Gleeson, Kosmo co-founder, says the current methods for identifying mandibular placement for an oral appliance to treat OSA have been a “guessing game.” He says, “Kosmo Technologies has created a diagnostic device that allows the practitioner to move the mandible anterior/posterior as well as vertical and with that movement we can see, in real-time, changes in upper airway resistance. With this tool, the dentist will be able to trade off airway opening with patient comfort.”

Essentially, Gleeson says the company has created a diagnostic device that quantitatively shows the ideal mandibular location and will also let the healthcare professional know if OAT will work before the appliance is made. Gleeson says, “With the patient’s involvement, the dentist will know if the mandibular position is in a comfortable location for long-term oral appliance compliancy.”

Moving Towards the Future

With access to experts and Healthbox partners, Kosmo Technologies had the opportunity to not only develop their product, but to meet other businesses interested in advancing their innovations. Gleeson says the Healthbox program introduced the group to “several companies that took an interest in our work. One of the companies, Becton Dickinson, is helping us in several facets.” He adds, “Before Healthbox acceptance we already had several patents and patents pending; however, Healthbox was very helpful in helping us orchestrate a strategy for FDA approval.”

Gleeson says the company is presently looking for a partner and estimates the new product will launch toward the end of 2015. According to Gleeson, “Working in the accelerator has allowed us to create relationships that will and have given us a pathway to fund and bring this product to market.”

Cassandra Perez is associate editor of Sleep Review. CONTACT [email protected]