Nexus Dental Systems launched a national initiative to screen, test, and treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) community

The program kicked off on May 22 with the Grambling State University Tigers football team, coaching staff, and administrators. Screening for the broader Grambling State University community begins in the fall.

This program consists of public screening events on HBCU campuses in partnership with local care providers. Nexus provides support through public outreach, onsite training for local volunteers, and national insurance contracts.

“This program is part of our core mission as a company: expanding access to care for obstructive sleep apnea care through education, training, technology, medical billing, and patient outreach,” says Brett Brocki, founder and CEO of Nexus Dental Systems, in a release.

Grambling State University and Nexus have partnered with Tony Soileau, DDS; Matthew Abraham, MD; VirtuOx sleep testing; Somnomed North America; ICAN Apparel; and a team of volunteers to bring a fully turn-key event for OSA screening, testing, and treatment to the Grambling State University community.

The idea for this program came from G-Men Nation Inc, which introduced Nexus to the Grambling State Team. ​“As someone who suffered with undiagnosed OSA for years, we need more early screening. Good sleep is critical to athletic performance, academic performance, mental focus, recovery, and healing. It’s absolutely critical,” says Herman J. Arvie, executive director of G-Men Nation, a Grambling alumni, and former NFL Offensive Lineman, in a release. 

“Grambling State is only the first stop on a national tour to bring needed care to an underserved community,” says Nexus spokesperson and NFL hall-of-famer Mel Blount, in a release. “As a historical fact, HBCUs are usually the last to receive attention from programs like this. We congratulate Grambling State University and Nexus Dental Systems working together to bring awareness to this important issue.”

ICAN Apparel founder Kelsey Battle adds in a release, “Our mission is to empower athletes and student-athletes across the world to take control of their total health: physical, mental, and social. This program is the first and only one like it, bringing healthcare directly to those most affected by this condition.”

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