CleveMed has been issued a new patent that covers the collection of patient data from standard home sensors and the data transfer using internet, cellular or wired-network methodologies, among others. US Patent number 10,028,698 is entitled “Method and device for sleep analysis.”

“CleveMed is very excited about this patent and believes it will lead to significant licensing opportunities in the near-term, especially when one considers the ongoing HST [home sleep testing] growth. A good licensing program for this technology will also lower the costs of patient diagnosis, while, more importantly, due to data consolidation as part of this program, will allow further therapy cost reductions and improved choices to patients and their insurers,” says Brian Kolkowski, PhD, CleveMed executive vice president and general counsel, in a release.

Hani Kayyali, CleveMed CEO, says, “Nearly a decade and a half ago, we began development of data transfer technologies and pursued a focused patent strategy to improve access of home sleep data from anywhere. These techniques are now common practice in the marketplace, which position CleveMed at a unique advantage over the competition not only in current HST markets but in new areas including Big Data analytics. We aim to expand Big Data, which is typically based on hospital sleep information, to include extensive home-based data.”