Effective tomorrow, The Compliance Team (TCT)’s web-based patient satisfaction reporting and benchmarking service has been expanded to include all DMEPOS provider organizations, whether accredited by The Compliance Team or by another Medicare-approved accreditation organization.

In a company-wide email announcing the decision, founder and president Sandra C. Canally, RN, said, “Today, given Medicare’s and managed care’s emphasis on pay-for-performance and mandates for providers to prove their quality claims, we believe the time is right to expand our electronic benchmarking service to include all DMEPOS providers; not just those accredited by TCT.”

Patient satisfaction reporting has been an integral part of The Compliance Team’s accreditation process since the firm’s Exemplary Provider accreditation program for DMEPOS was launched in 1998. To date, the firm has collected, aggregated, and benchmarked over 1.3 million patient satisfaction surveys while garnering 10 million standardized data points from providers based in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands, Canally stated in her email.

TCT’s expanded patient satisfaction reporting and benchmarking service is scheduled to officially launch on July 12, 2014. The introductory subscription fee for non-TCT accredited providers is $249/year for the first location. Multiple site DMEPOS businesses are priced on a sliding scale.

Much like TCT accredited providers, non-TCT accredited enrollees are given online access to standardized DMEPOS questionnaires that are utilized to conduct follow-up patient satisfaction phone surveys. The results are then uploaded to TCT’s national database for aggregation and peer benchmarking.

By making it possible for non-TCT accredited DMEPOS providers to use The Compliance Team’s satisfaction data collection and benchmarking portal, Canally believes that it sets up a win-win-win scenario for all parties involved: patients, providers, and payors.

“Just as it has helped our Exemplary Provider accreditation clients, non-TCT accredited providers will find that our standardized benchmarked data sets will help them attract and maintain new referral sources and patients as well as desired managed care contracts,” she concluded.

More information can be found on The Compliance Team’s website.