Rear View Safety, which sells and distributes backup camera systems and is a road safety advocate, releases the Vuemate RVS-330 Driver Fatigue System. The product is designed from the ground up to address drivers who get drowsy and fall asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The Vuemate RVS-330 uses the latest in hardware and software to detect when a driver begins to show symptoms of drowsiness. The system itself comes with a single small, compact camera that is mounted to the dashboard of the driver’s vehicle. The lens of the camera faces the driver and is always monitoring for signs that a driver may be in danger of nodding off. Should this particular situation occur, the RVS-330 will then set off an alarm in an effort to help the driver regain his or her senses and to keep them as alert as possible at all times.

The RVS-330 intelligent onboard software with built-in tracking algorithm helps the camera accurately distinguish between the way a particular driver looks under normal circumstances and the way the same person looks when they’re drowsy.

Installation of the RVS-330 can be accomplished in moments—after plugging the unit in and mounting it to the appropriate position on the car’s dashboard, the system is ready to go as soon as the ignition on the vehicle starts.