Sleep Easily LLC has launched and is offering its “Sleep Easily Method” immediately.

Sleep Easily is a method learned through written materials, audio recordings, and tools, developed by sleep expert Richard Shane, PhD. Shane is the behavioral sleep specialist for New West Physicians, Colo, which has 85 physicians serving more than 170,000 patients. Previously, he was the behavioral sleep specialist for Lutheran Medical Sleep Center in Denver.

Years ago, as a result of a major life crisis, Shane developed severe insomnia himself. Through exploring and resolving his own insomnia, Shane discovered body and breath sensations that are physical triggers for sleep and the Sleep Easily method was born.

In an independent study with Sleep Easily used by police, firefighters, commercial airline pilots and the general public, 81.6% of participants reported improved sleep.

“When someone sleeps poorly, it damages almost every area of their life. Better sleep can help improve health, relationships and productivity,” Shane says in a release. “Sleep Easily’s goal is to help many of the 95 million Americans with insomnia and millions more in Canada.”