Rhythmlink International LLC has launched an improved MR Conditional Electrode line featuring two new products and enhanced quality assurance features. The Disposable MR Conditional Webb and PressOn electrodes join the MR Conditional Cups as FDA-cleared disposable MR Conditional EEG products. Rhythmlink’s MR Conditional electrodes include a new quality assurance design, a 9-inch disconnect ensuring that the disconnect point can easily take place outside of a headwrap providing easier cable management, four color groups with up to 48 electrodes to allow for high electrode count protocols, and numbered heat shrink to guarantee accuracy upon reconnection.

“This new design and expanded product breadth allows even more efficiency and usefulness to both patient care and radiology teams,” says director of sales Leah Hanson, R. EEG/EP T, in a release.

The FDA clearance of Rhythmlink’s Disposable MR Conditional Electrodes provides radiology, neurology, risk management, and other areas the confidence that these products are safe and effective in an MR environment. These electrodes can safely remain on a patient during an MR scan in static magnetic fields of 1.5 or 3.0 Tesla without causing harmful heating, undue image artifact, or motion artifact.

Eliminate the need to remove and reapply EEG electrodes each time a patient needs MR imaging during continuous EEG monitoring (cEEG), long-term epilepsy monitoring, or any other situation requiring MR imaging. By eliminating the need to repeat the application process, patients benefit by reducing skin injuries and increasing overall patient comfort.

Instrumental to the success of brain function monitoring for intensive care units or other emergency care areas, Rhythmlink’s MR Conditional Electrodes reduce the challenges that have historically halted the realistic achievement of recording true cEEG where MRIs are needed.