Apollo Light Systems, Orem, Utah, introduces the lightweight Brite Lite IV, a portable, full-size lightbox for shifting circadian rhythms in patients with sleep disorders. The metal version weighs 7 lbs and produces 10,000 lux at a distance of 25 ft. The oak version is tripod-ready for use at any height and angle. (800) 545-9667;

photoElectrode Impedance Meter
General Devices, Ridgefield, NJ, presents the Prep-Check Plus™ EIM-107 for testing polysomnography and EEG electrodes, preps, lead wires, and cables. The handheld device tests up to 160 electrodes. User-defined features include customized lead naming, unused lead skipping, good/poor limits, test current frequency, and lead fail response. It measures impedances from 100 to 199,999 ohms. Prep-Check Plus also features a two-line alphanumeric backlit LCD, automatic self-test, and self-calibration. (201) 313-7075;

photophotoSleep Evaluation System
Sleep Solutions, Palo Alto, Calif, offers the Bedbugg™ At-Home Diagnostic System for unassisted, home patient testing for obstructive sleep apnea. The Internet-enabled Bedbugg system is shipped directly to the patient’s home upon a physician’s request. After the system collects data for up to 3 nights, it is sent back to Sleep Solutions. The company then downloads the data and sends a comprehensive summary to the physician for review and diagnosis. (877) 753-3776;

photoMultimodality System
Nihon Kohden, Foothill Ranch, Calif, introduces the EEG-1100/Polysmith multimodality system for clinical EEG, sleep recording, and analysis. The Polysmith 2-Bed Dedicated Sleep System provides two monitors on a one-PC platform. The optional Polysmith Lite Archiving system, Microsoft Access™ Advanced Database, Digital Video, and EEG analysis utilities are available. (800) 325-0283;

photoVideo System
Cadwell Laboratories, Kenne- wick, Wash, offers the Q-Video™, a quantitative video product that captures video, synchronizes video with the recording, and quantifies movement through color. Clinicians review and edit video in a standard format or color-enhanced mode to accentuate movement with color. Using an adaptive storage rate, the system minimizes total file size. Q-Video is compatible with Version 1.6 of Cadwell’s Easy Software package.(800)245-3001;