Clayton Sleep Institute (CSI) has acquired Midwest Health Group sleep lab, owned and operated by Midwest Health Group, LLC (MHG) in Farmington, Missouri. CSI maintains the sleep clinic location in the MHG-owned building continues to offer in-clinic testing and has added complete at-home sleep testing services and pilot telemedicine services for sleep disorders other than sleep apnea.

“We’re very much delighted to reach agreement with Drs Paul Moniz and Guy Roberts to acquire the MHG sleep lab,” says Joseph Ojile, MD, FCCP, DABSM, chief executive officer and medical director of CSI, in a release. “The sleep clinic serves patients from 8 counties and we look forward to building on the reputation for excellence that MHG has established in this vibrant region.”

Moniz, principal of MHG, says, “Our agreement with CSI furthers our commitment to attract top notch specialty medical care to Farmington and the region. CSI sleep specialists contribute to the transparent, efficient, and affordable care we want for everyone in our communities.”

The CSI sleep clinic includes two patient rooms for overnight sleep polysomnography. The CSI Farmington staff includes four sleep technicians and one patient care coordinator to assist patients and to monitor their overnight testing. The CSI staff also schedule and deliver home sleep apnea test kits, assisting patients with the correct use of the equipment. CSI board certified physicians evaluate all sleep tests and provide report to the patients’ primary care physicians. CSI sleep professionals meet with patients to review their test outcomes and discuss recommendations for treatment.

In addition, CSI provides a pilot telemedicine program for patients with sleep disorders such as restless legs syndrome, insomnia, narcolepsy, or circadian rhythm disorders.

MHG operated the sleep lab for three years as part of their family medicine practice. The former MHG sleep lab employees all continue as CSI staff. Farmington resident Teresa Skaggs, CSI recruiter and marketer, serves as CSI’s operational coordinator for the Farmington clinic and services.