Amid ongoing scrutiny and regulatory challenges since its June 2021 recall of certain CPAPs, BiPAPs, and ventilators, Philips Respironics is discontinuing the sale of sleep diagnostic and certain respiratory care products, including the Alice NightOne home sleep test and DreamStation Go CPAP, in the United States and US territories.

According to a portfolio update on its website, “Philips Respironics will focus on the sale of consumables and accessories, including masks, and will not return to the sale of hospital ventilation products, certain home ventilation products, portable and stationary oxygen concentrators and sleep diagnostic products.”

“We have streamlined our portfolio to enable us to focus on programs that are best suited to changing market dynamics and will most effectively serve patients and customers in the future. We will be here to support customers and patients through the end of service for these products as well as products that will continue to be actively sold. Customers will be contacted directly regarding any order cancellations resulting from our portfolio changes.”

According to the notice, changes to Philips’ commercial portfolio will not affect the company’s “commitment to the remediation of devices impacted by the June 2021 recall of certain CPAP, BiPAP and mechanical ventilator devices.”

Discontinued products:

Philips Respironics provided a list of sleep and respiratory care devices being discontinued.

According to the notice, Philips will continue to support all discontinued products with repair kits, spare parts, and resupply materials depending upon parts availability up until the end of service date as specified in the discontinuation notice.

Orders that are shipped before the defined shipment discontinuation date will be honored. All other orders that are unable to be shipped will be canceled, according to Philips. “Customers will be contacted directly regarding any order cancellations resulting from our portfolio changes,” the website states.

Philips will provide refunds as articulated in the warranty terms and conditions but will be unable to provide replacements for discontinued products that fail within their warranty periods.

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