Durable medical equipment provider Aeroflow Healthcare has rebranded to Aeroflow Health. 

The rebrand emphasizes Aeroflow’s work to provide patients with easy access to integrated health solutions covered by their insurance.

According to a release from the company, Aeroflow Health navigates the complexities of insurance coverage to connect patients with a diverse range of medical devices and comprehensive support. 

Beyond its product availability, Aeroflow Health is committed to delivering educational resources, consultations, and personalized services to patients and healthcare providers, according to the company’s release. Under its new name, Aeroflow Health will continue to “deliver solutions without barriers across its entire product catalog, as well as health services to provide exceptional care.”

“As an organization that focuses so heavily on transformation, we felt this rebrand would unify and allow us to vocalize the benefits each of our consumer brands brings. Aeroflow Health is committed to adapting and growing within the constantly changing healthcare industry,” says Ryan Bullock, chief strategy officer at Aeroflow Health, in a release. “The rebrand reflects that ethos, reinforcing our dedication to continuously evolve and meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers nationwide. We are proud of our team and its growth, and look forward to further success in 2024 and beyond.”

The company also unveiled a new logo and corporate website as part of the rebrand.

Illustration 153097055 © Yudesign | Dreamstime.com