Dymedix Diagnostics has hired Michael Clark as VP of marketing, sales, and business development. Clark has been actively involved in the sleep medicine field for 24 years in a number of business development and marketing roles.

This begins a new phase for Dymedix as it transitions towards the goal of becoming a global market leader of sleep diagnostic sensor products. The company offers a complete line of respiratory airflow and effort sensors based on polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) technology, which the company says provides more responsive, linear, and stable waveforms. Each Dymedix sensor is available in both reusable and disposable versions.

“This is a very exciting stage in the company’s history because it has taken some time for the sleep industry to realize the exceptional qualities of PVDF technology,” says Clark in a release. “Moving forward, we are mapping out a plan to aggressively market our sensors and develop new diagnostic products that will reduce the cost of testing for sleep disorders.”

Todd Eiken, RPSGT, director of product development, says, “Dymedix Diagnostics has managed to harness the unique properties of PVDF to produce what many have claimed to be the most superior signals available compared to other sensors currently available to the sleep community. I’m thrilled to have Michael on board to help communicate this message as well as help sleep technologists domestically and internationally benefit from our sleep sensing products” says .

Jim Moore, president and CEO, says, “The PVDF technology is what sells Dymedix, and it is what has kept our company going throughout the years. When sleep technologists plug in our airflow sensors and realize the can detect every sleep-disordered breathing event as well as snoring with one sensor, they are surprised. Fortunately, Michael understands the Dymedix technology and is uniquely qualified to represent the latest in PSG sensing technology to the sleep industry,” says

In 1998, Dymedix Diagnostics introduced PVDF film technology for recording bio-physical waveforms to the sleep sensor industry. Since then it has developed a patented line of sleep sensors delivering with industry leading warranties.