Many sleep practices and sleep disorders centers are plagued with diagnostic sleep testing backlogs. Perhaps it’s due to a sleep technologist shortage in the region, a limited number of home sleep testing (HST) devices on hand, or even a waitlist that started when the facility closed due to COVID-19.

Whatever the cause, ZOLL Itamar recently launched a solution to help eligible participants clear sleep study backlogs. The new ZOLL Itamar WatchPAT Direct Beat the Backlog home sleep testing program facilitates contacting up to 1,000 patients who are awaiting sleep studies in as quickly as 2 weeks, handling the logistics of shipping WatchPAT ONE devices (including HST education and patient support) to each patient, and uploading their sleep study data to a  secured cloud portal. The program offers special rates to help sleep practices clear their desired backlogs. The program has no patient limit; however, the time may vary for higher patient backlogs. After the Beat the Backlog program is complete, there is no commitment to continue using the WatchPAT Direct service.

“This program was developed in response to a specific need and requests initiated by sleep physicians and sleep practices. They approached us for help in clearing their backlog in a short time frame,” says Melih Alvo, senior director of commercial marketing at ZOLL Itamar. “With our passionate and experienced WatchPAT Direct and 24/7 customer support teams, we have the know-how and ability to help sleep practices do so.”

During the program, the sleep practice securely provides ZOLL Itamar with the contact information of its backlogged patients. From there, ZOLL Itamar will call each patient to alert them that an HST device is on its way and to educate them on how to use their HST device.

It should be noted that sleep study interpretations are not included as part of the Beat the Backlog program. If a sleep interpretation is required, ZOLL Itamar can facilitate the interpretation of the HST results by a third-party licensed sleep physician or through the ZOLL independent diagnostic testing facility.