CleveMed is offering a free pilot of its quarterly reporting service called “SleepView Insight.”

SleepView Insight will provide customers with an analysis of their home sleep testing (HST) studies. Once requested by the healthcare provider, CleveMed’s customer support team creates the quarterly report, beginning with the fourth quarter of 2018. The report summaries on HST data, such as demographics, screening results, disease severity, comorbidities, turnaround time, study completion rates, and others.

“After many years of closely working with customers to develop our sleep services platform, we are now taking the next step, which is to help customers review, analyze, and report on their patient populations,” says Craig Frederick, director of engineering, in a release.

Sarah Weimer, CleveMed’s director of sleep products and services, says, “Our portal houses a tremendous amount of data that, if summarized in an easy-to-read format, could provide valuable analytics to healthcare providers as they improve clinical outcomes and optimize operational efficiency. Sleep centers can use this report to meet quality requirements for American Academy of Sleep Medicine accreditation. Our customers may not have the time to analyze their sleep data; yet, such information is valuable to them. This is especially true for large customers who deal with thousands of studies, routinely.”