CleveMed has been issued a new patent (US Patent No. 10,076,269) entitled “Devices and methods for sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment.” The patent covers technologies that enable data transfer from home sleep apnea therapy to the cloud through software apps on patient’s cell phones or other personal smart devices such as wearables.

“There is a tremendous need to allow healthcare providers and patients easy access to therapy efficacy data, especially long-term. Not only will this permit healthcare providers a deeper understanding of patient’s response to therapy through larger data aggregation, easy patient access of own data improves their engagement with therapy. As numerous research articles have shown, stronger patient engagement leads to better treatment compliance,” says Hani Kayyali, CleveMed CEO, in a release.

Brian Kolkowski, CleveMed’s executive vice president and general counsel, says, “This new patent is another one in a long line of patents that establish CleveMed’s technology leadership in data acquisition from the home for patients suffering from chronic sleep disorders. We expect our intellectual property in this area to continue to grow given a number of pending applications currently being prosecuted.”