ResMed PAP users are experiencing delays syncing data from their devices into myAir, AirView, and systems that integrate with AirView, an issue ResMed attributes to an over-the-air firmware update that introduced two new features and an improvement to the communication capabilities of the AirSense 11

According to a status update on the company’s website, the update had the unintended impact of significantly increasing the amount of data being sent between therapy devices and the ResMed AirView cloud server, resulting in backlogged and delayed data in myAir and AirView. 

“We know how important access to your patient’s data is, and we are working around the clock to resolve the delay so that patient data can be updated in AirView and systems that integrate with AirView as soon as possible,” reads the update. “Patient therapy data is safe and still being stored on patient’s devices where it can be viewed by your patients via the ‘My Sleep View’ function on the device itself. We expect the data to be restored in AirView and myAir over the next few weeks, at which time you will be able to review your patient’s therapy and adherence data, and your patients will be able to resume fully using myAir to track their nightly PAP therapy data.”

ResMed will be deploying updates to cloud-connected AirSense 11 devices with the aim of reducing the delay of therapy data until resolution. ResMed notes in a FAQ section that patients do not need to change devices in the meantime.

For clinicians who need to prove patient compliance prior to therapy data delay resolution, this information can be accessed using an SD card for up to a year of summary use data, according to the FAQ section.

ResMed says it will continue to provide updates through the status update webpage, AirView, and within the myAir app.

UPDATE: An Aug. 17 update indicates that patient therapy data is repopulating into myAir and AirView, though data may still be delayed for some. ResMed anticipates patient therapy data will be fully available in the coming weeks.