Positive airway pressure (PAP), commonly referred to as CPAP (which more accurately refers to the subset of “continuous” PAP devices), devices record patient data so patients and healthcare providers can monitor therapy progress. This guide outlines major data management platforms available to healthcare providers, some of which include remote troubleshooting and predictive features. The guide also includes information on devices supported by the software, default reporting and alerts, popular integrations, pricing structure, date of current version, tech support availability, and more.

Company:Fisher & Paykel HealthcarePhilipsResMed
Software:F&P InfoSmartCare OrchestratorAirView
Description:F&P InfoSmart is a web-based solution designed to be intuitive with simple workflows, giving you the freedom to focus your time where it’s needed the most. It automatically monitors your patients on an ongoing basis, alerting you to those who need your attention. Easy to read reports detailing compliance and efficacy can be downloaded quickly.Care Orchestrator is Philips next generation patient management solution that unites patients, homecare providers, physicians, and payers within a single, cloud-based platform, turning data into actions to make fast, informed decisions for more personalized care. Powered by Philips’ HealthSuite Digital platform, it provides a complete view of sleep and respiratory data.AirView is a secure, cloud-based patient management system for remotely monitoring patients using a ResMed device. AirView enables clinicians to access patient data, easily share insights with other care providers, download reports with one click, and change device settings remotely—ultimately reducing costs related to follow-up and improving a patient’s experience.
Supported Devices:F&P SleepStyle, F&P ICON+Philips Connected Trilogy, Trilogy Evo, all DreamStation CPAP, BiPAP, AVAPS and AutoSV devices, Philips V30ResMed AirSense 10, AirCurve 10, AirMini, Astral, Stellar
Optimized For:Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft EdgeWeb browser (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Safari), mobile app, tablet, mobile browserWeb browser
Default Reporting:AHI, 90th Percentile Pressure, System Leak, Time with Excessive LeakAHI, Pressure Settings, Leak, Compliance, Clear Airway Apnea Index, Obstructed Airway Apnea Index, Hypopnea Index, RERA Index, Vibratory Snore Index, Flow Limitation Index, % Night in Periodic Breathing, Average CPAP, Average Unintended Leak, Median Unintended Leak, Average Large Leak/Day, Average % Large Leak, Average % Mask FitUsage, Mode, AHI, Leak, Minute Ventilation, Pressure, Flow Limitation, Snore, Cheyne-Stokes Respiration, RERA (AirSense 10 AutoSet for Her only), Pulse Rate (with optional oximeter), Oxygen Saturation (with optional oximeter), myAir (patient engagement app) Registration Status
Default Clinical Alerts/Notifications:Compliant/Non-Compliant, At Risk of Non-Compliance, High Leak, Leak Increased, High AHI, AHI IncreasedCompliance, Ongoing Usage, Leak, AHIAHI (above/below threshold), Leak (above/below threshold), Usage, Compliance, Prescription Changes
Predictive Features:Patients are identified as at risk of non-compliance in the first 30 days of therapy when the 4-hour compliance rate tracks less than 70%Adherence Profiler automatically identifies patients who are at risk of non-adherence to help reduce workload and create efficienciesCompliance Risk (with AirView Action Groups)
Remote Troubleshooting Features:Remote changes for Pressure and Mode, Humidity, SensAwake, and Expiratory ReliefComplete Rx change for sleep (pressure, ramp, humidification, comfort settings, etc), Device troubleshootingTherapy Mode, Pressure, Expiratory Pressure Relief, Ramp, Climate Control, Humidifier Level
Popular Integrations:API, EMRAPI, Billing, EMR, Benefits Management/PayerBrightree
Research Study:NoneWhite papers available upon requestHwang D, Chang JW, Benjafield AV, et al. Effect of telemedicine education and telemonitoring on continuous positive airway pressure adherence. The Tele-OSA Randomized Trial. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2018;197(1):117-26.
Pricing Structure:FreeContact Philips representative$18 (one-time fee per monitored device)
Year Introduced:201220152014
Date of Current Version:20212021, April2021, May
Tech Support:Email [email protected] or call (800) 446-3908 x5002 (6 am – 4pm PST)8 am – 5 pm5:30 am – 5 pm PT
Last updated April 2021. A version of this guide published in the May 2021 issue.

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