Fullpower-AI, an artificial-intelligence (AI)-powered biosensing platform company, secured two patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office, one for advanced smart bed sensor technology and the other for a system to track sleep intervention effectiveness.

The first patent, US Patent 11,793,455, covers a sleep sensor system that collects movement data from a sleeper on an adjustable smart bed. The system includes a receiver for transmitting data to a server, enabling seamless data analysis. Moreover, the sleep sensor system incorporates a bed controller, facilitating adjustments to the bed’s settings, and an IoT controller to trigger actions on IoT devices, creating a responsive sleep environment.

The second patent, US Patent 11,766,213, introduces a compliance and effectiveness tracking engine (CETE) system, which combines sensed sleep data, perceived sleep data obtained from the user, and predicted sleep data derived from user background and medical intervention history. The CETE system evaluates the effectiveness of medical interventions and compliance with associated protocols, providing insights for healthcare providers and users.

“At Fullpower-AI, our mission is to leverage cutting-edge technology to empower individuals to achieve better sleep and, ultimately, a healthier life. These patents represent a significant step forward in achieving that mission. We are proud to continue leading the way in AI-powered sleep innovation, setting new standards for sleep tracking and health management,” says the company’s CEO Philippe Kahn in a release. 

Fullpower-AI’s Sleeptracker-AI system delivers clinically accurate sleep architecture metrics. The technology covered by these patents will enable Fullpower-AI to offer even more comprehensive solutions to improve the sleep quality of users, according to a release from the company.

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