Drive|DeVilbiss Healthcare, which designs, manufactures, and markets respiratory medical products, and WillowTree, an app development company, announce the launch of Drive|DeVilbiss’ new SmartLink App. SmartLink enables patients to engage with the IntelliPAP 2 CPAP device for the treatment of sleep apnea, and allows them to play an interactive role in their own therapy through an enhanced user experience.

“With effortless feedback, clinically relevant notifications and alerts, and tailored, actionable insights into one’s sleep therapy, the SmartLink app will enrich the mundane relationship an individual with sleep apnea traditionally has with their equipment,” says Ed Link, chief marketing officer of Drive|DeVilbiss, in a release. “We are excited to release an interactive user experience that will help enhance the quality of life of millions of individuals suffering from sleep apnea.”

The SmartLink App interfaces with the IntelliPAP 2 wirelessly over Bluetooth, pulling data daily from users to keep track of their progress. SmartLink captures both quantitative data from the device, as well as qualitative data about how they are feeling on therapy. This data can be wirelessly transmitted back to a user’s provider or used privately by the patient.

The SmartLink app also allows users to:

  • Review simple, color-coded feedback on therapy
  • View reports for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly usage
  • Receive notifications for high leak and low usage
  • Receive reminders for replacing supplies such as mask and tubing
  • View help videos for setting up and maintaining the unit

“The Drive|DeVilbiss CPAP and app are a great example of the Internet of Things done right,” says Jeff Ward, lead software engineer at WillowTree. “By combining Drive|DeVilbiss’ device with SmartLink’s great user experience, we feel like we’ve created something really powerful that will have a positive impact on people’s everyday lives. By creating reliable communication between healthcare devices, we can place critical health information in the hands of users and their healthcare providers instantly, and keep them notified of any potential issues or problems that arise.”

The SmartLink App effectively leverages users’ health data by getting it into the hands of all parties involved in therapy (ie, home health providers, caregivers, clinicians, and patients) so they can take useful and timely actions to meet intended therapeutic goals.

The SmartLink App is available for download in the App Store and Google Play.