ICAP Patent Brokerage announces for sale patents disclosing methods for monitoring wakefulness and body temperature, available from inventor Gaby Badre (Bader). This portfolio is offered as part of the Internet of Things IP Auction, with a bidding deadline of July 30, 2015.

“Effective sleep is crucial to overall health and well-being,” says Dean Becker, CEO of ICAP Patent Brokerage, in a release. “With priority dates from the late 1990s, this is an important portfolio to companies involved in wearables, fitness tracking, smart watches, telemedicine, and remote monitoring.”

According to a press release, this portfolio contains two critical elements related to sleep/wake analysis and temperature monitoring. The sleep/wake monitoring aspect utilizes a corresponding and validated relationship between the cardiac/respiratory function and a person’s body movements in order to estimate a person’s wakefulness (and drowsiness), as well as determining the different sleep stages. It can also be useful for studying health status of a bedridden subject or patients who cannot tolerate electrodes. The alarm can be activated at certain threshold.

The temperature monitoring technology allows for continuous whole body temperature measurement, without requiring a thermometer. Temperature measurement is established through a matrix of sensors embedded in thin clothing, intended to abut against the person during use. The system can be used to monitor a person’s temperature but also heat distribution and diffusion. If need be an alarm signal can be emitted at a pre-determined threshold to activate an alarm unit.