Digital health company Sibel Health released Discovery, a physiological monitoring platform with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared advanced wearable sensors for continuous sleep and vital signs monitoring designed specifically for clinical trials.

Sibel Health is collaborating with Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes company and provider of clinical trial solutions to the life sciences industry, to integrate Discovery into Medidata’s cloud-based platform. 

The integration will enable biopharmaceutical and medical device companies and clinical research organizations to collect and analyze Sibel sensor data directly from study participants and derive insights sooner. This partnership brings together the strengths and expertise of the two industry leaders—Sibel Health’s technology and Medidata’s clinical data solutions—to improve the landscape of digital health monitoring, according to a release from Sibel Health.

“We’re proud to be the only monitoring solution FDA-cleared as a clinical grade sleep test at home and a continuous vital signs monitoring solution for heart rate via ECG, respiratory rate, SpO2, blood pressure, and temperature,” says Steve Xu MD, CEO and cofounder of Sibel Health, in a release. “It’s really exciting to already see top-tier pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions signing on as early adopters for our solution.”

Melissa Ceruolo, vice president of engineering and biomarker analytics at Medidata, adds in a release, “At Medidata, our unwavering commitment is to constantly redefine the boundaries of clinical research, all with the singular aim of expediting life-transforming treatments for patients. By seamlessly integrating Sibel Health’s pioneering monitoring capabilities and digital endpoints into our expansive platform, we are arming researchers with unprecedented tools for groundbreaking discoveries. We are excited at the potential of this partnership to propel clinical trials forward and ultimately transform the practice of healthcare.”

Photo caption: Medidata and Sibel’s collaboration brings FDA-cleared vital signs, sleep, and novel digital measures to more clinical trials.

Photo credit: Sibel Health