The software integration aims to streamline the process from sleep disorder diagnosis to therapy prescription and fulfillment.

Summary: EnsoData and Parachute Health have partnered to integrate ePrescribing for sleep disorder diagnoses, a move aimed at streamlining the workflow from diagnosis to therapy prescription. This collaboration aims to expedite care for conditions like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) by ensuring seamless transitions from physician-signed sleep reports to durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers. The Parachute Health platform automates order details and allows physicians to track patients from diagnosis through prescription fulfillment. The integration is expected to be widely available this year.

Key Takeaways:

  • EnsoData and Parachute Health are partnering to streamline sleep disorder diagnosis and therapy prescription through an integrated ePrescribing platform.
  • The Parachute Health platform automatically fills in order details from patient sleep studies, facilitating the prescription process.
  • Automating the order details from sleep studies helps to ensure precise and accurate data handling throughout the prescription process, according to the companies.

EnsoData and Parachute Health, an ePrescribing platform, announced a partnership to expedite care for newly diagnosed sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) by simplifying the sleep care workflow from diagnostics through therapy prescription ordering. 

The two organizations will collaborate to create “a seamless handoff” from a physician-signed sleep report through to durable medical equipment suppliers (DME) using Parachute Health to ensure patients receive access to therapy.

“We’re excited to partner with Parachute Health to better serve patients, sleep physicians, and DME providers working from a footprint spanning thousands of physicians and major DMEs,” says Justin Mortara, EnsoData president and CEO, in a release “By partnering together, we’re setting ourselves up to support a high volume of patients immediately, with the ability to truly expand the overall impact we can have on patient lives and sleep medicine.”

Automated Order Details and Patient Tracking

The Parachute Health platform automatically populates order details from the patient sleep study. Physicians are able to track patients from their original sleep tests all the way through their prescription fulfillment.

“At Parachute Health, our mission is to give all patients a ‘soft landing,’ with the life-saving products and services they need. By streamlining CPAP ordering at the point of care, we have dramatically improved both the clinician and patient experience,” says David Gelbard, Parachute Health founder and CEO, in a release. “This partnership with EnsoData is an exciting evolution in a series of Parachute partnerships that expand and enhance the Parachute Network and make Parachute Health the industry-leading ePrescribing platform for DME.”

EnsoData and Parachute Health are working with early joint customers and expect the integration to be widely available this year.

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