The partnership aims to provide personalized support and improve treatment adherence for patients using CPAP.

Summary: Aeroflow Sleep is partnering with EnsoData to enhance CPAP therapy compliance using the AI-powered EnsoTherapy model. This collaboration aims to provide Aeroflow’s sleep coaches with actionable data, enabling rapid and personalized support for patients struggling with therapy adherence. EnsoTherapy’s task generation and smart prioritization streamline patient-coach pairings, improving patient compliance. Early results show significant improvements in patient adherence within the initial 30 days, with expectations for continued success at the 90-day mark. This initiative demonstrates a commitment to better health outcomes for patients with sleep apnea.

Key Takeaways: 

  • The AI-powered EnsoTherapy model significantly improves CPAP therapy compliance by providing personalized support and prioritizing patients who struggle the most with adherence.
  • Aeroflow Sleep has already seen improvements in patient compliance within the first 30 days of using EnsoTherapy, with expectations for continued positive results at the 90-day mark.
  • EnsoTherapy’s task generation and smart prioritization capabilities enable more efficient and logical patient-coach pairings, ensuring that patients receive the targeted coaching and intervention they need for better health outcomes.

Durable medical equipment comapny Aeroflow Sleep is partnering with health care technology company EnsoData to use its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered positive airway pressure (PAP) prediction model, EnsoTherapy, to improve treatment compliance. 

EnsoTherapy will support and empower Aeroflow’s sleep coaches with actionable data to provide rapid, personalized support to patients who are struggling with therapy adherence. EnsoTherapy’s task generation and smart-prioritization allow for more streamlined and logical patient/coach pairings and assignments, leading to improved patient compliance.

“Our PAP therapy prediction models accurately predict 30-, 60-, and 90-day patient compliance within days of starting treatment,” says Sam Rusk, EnsoData chief AI officer, in a release. “EnsoTherapy will have a transformative impact on the growing patient population who face challenges in treating their sleep apnea, by enabling Aeroflow to better prioritize the patients in their network who struggle the most on therapy and have the greatest potential health and adherence benefit from targeted coaching and intervention. 

Enhanced Onboarding and Early Success

“This collaboration will bring patients the best CPAP therapy onboarding experience possible and help them feel understood throughout their treatment journey, while also demonstrating best-in-class adherence results. This is a true win-win for patients and for providers alike.”

The EnsoTherapy support and mentorship provided by EnsoData sleep coach Lacey Adams, RPSGT, CCSH, enabled a fast onboarding process for Aeroflow sleep coaches and allowed them to make an immediate impact with the program, according to a release from EnsoData.

“Through EnsoData’s AI-powered technology, our team has already witnessed significant improvements in our ability to promptly deliver personalized support to the patients in greatest need. Though it is still early, we have already seen an uptick in the number of patients meeting their usage requirements within the initial 30 days. We are excited to see the outcomes at the 90-day mark. Compliance holds a deeper significance for us beyond mere numerical targets; it embodies our commitment to fostering improved health outcomes for our patients. EnsoTherapy unquestionably contributes to this mission,” says Joey Sasvari, Aeroflow director of sleep, in a release.

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