Somnoware is partnering with Cerebra Medical to integrate Cerebra’s autoscoring technology into the Somnoware platform, enabling automated sleep study scoring directly within the Somnoware platform.

Cerebra’s autoscoring technology, called MY Autoscoring, enhances the accuracy, consistency, and efficiency of human scorers, scoring an entire polysomnogram in less than five minutes, according to a press release from Somnoware. The results of the automated scoring are then reviewed and edited by a sleep specialist.

“Somnoware and Cerebra are a natural fit,” says Subath Kamalasan, Somnoware CEO, in the press release. “Somnoware’s platform automates diagnostic testing workflows and patient therapy interventions. With MY Autoscoring, clinicians will now be able to automate sleep study scoring within the Somnoware platform. The combined time-savings for clinicians using the integrated platforms is enormous and will reduce costs, decrease testing backlogs, and free up time for patient care.”  

Today MY Autoscoring exists as a feature in the Cerebra Sleep System and is named after inventor and Cerebra Scientific Founder Magdy Younes, MD, PhD, FRCPC, who spent more than a decade developing the technology. In two published studies across a range of sleep types, MY Autoscoring performed as well as expert manual scoring in a side-by-side comparison for all polysomnogram variables.

MY Autoscoring includes Odds Ratio Product, a Cerebra-patented algorithm that micro-analyzes electroencephalography signal, determining a patient’s sleep depth in each sleep stage. This information is used to better understand a patient’s sleep quality and aid in the diagnosis of sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

Integrating the two platforms enables screening, faster diagnosis, proactive intervention, and automated patient engagement, resulting in improved treatment outcomes for patients with respiratory diseases, including sleep disorders and COPD, according to the press release.